Vita-Mix 5200

Make JUICE—like never before! Whole food juicing is a process unique to the Vita-Mix machine. So-called “juice gurus” claim that the pulp left behind by juice extractors is nutritionally worthless—but that’s simply not true. Independent laboratory tests have shown that the discarded pulp is actually more nutritious than the juice itself! With Vita-Mix whole food juice, you get all the flavor, all the nutrition and all the fiber in a naturally sweet and creamy-smooth juice!

Make Raw Food Juice with VitaMix
Make hot raw food soups with Vitamix and Total Food EquipmentCook soup without a stove! This is simple science that’s simply amazing! The Vita-Mix blades create friction heat that transforms fresh vegetables into steang hot soup in about 4 minutes. No peeling, no seeding and no stove required! Lump-free gravies and perfect puddings are a snap to make too— and you’ll never need to stir them!

Blending—like never before! The Vita-Mix whole food machine gives you the best blended recipes at any speed. Whether you’re making rich, creamy smoothies, emulsifying tangy salad dressings, creating milk substitutes, mixing drinks or blending butters, you can now prepare whole foods in a quick, easy and reliable new way. The Vita-Mix variable speed dial puts you in complete control and promises consistent results every time.

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