Electrolux Glasswasher Dishwasher 435 x 435 rack

Item# 402085
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Built-in pressure boiler sized to raise incoming water to guarantee a minimum rinsing temperature of 82 °C for sanitizing rinse. No external booster is required.

Washing system endowed with rotating washing arms high powered wash pump and large capacity wash tank for professional washing.

Built in rinse booster pump guarantees constant rinse pressure.

Maximum capacity of 60 racks per hour.
2 cycles: 60/120 seconds.

Simple operation control panel.

Solid double skinned counter-balance stainless steel door with hurt-free handle in plastic.

Equipped with tank filter to keep the soil particle above the water level ensure clean water for better washing performance.

Provided with a multi-rack support allowing the use of 3 types of racks: 17"x14" (435x365 mm) racks or 17"x17" (435x435mm) racks or
450x450mm racks.

Equipped with back flow prevention device to avoid dirty water flowing back to main water supply in case of failure.
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