Excalibur Dehydrator Digital 5 Tray

Item# EX5
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5 large trays 8 sq ft of drying space
Digital Controller with option to set 2 times and 2 temperatures
Clear door made of Clear Polycarbonate Material
48 Hour Timer
Adjustable Thermostat 95?F to 165?F
5-inch fan 400 watts
Voltage: 220-240V
8-1/2"H x 17"W x 19"D
Color: Black
Made in USA

Two Time Two Temperature digital controller speeds up the drying process. After loading food onto the trays set the dehydrator at a higher temperature for a specified period of time; and then set the dehydrator at a lower temperature for a specified period of time. The unit automatically adjusts after the 1st setting and turns off when the 2nd setting is complete.

48 Hour Timer lets you set it and forget it. Unit automatically turns off when the set time is complete.

Adjustable Thermostat 35?c to 73?c. Temperature range is low enough to preserve active enzymes in fruits and vegetables. Temperature range is also high enough to meet safety standards for dehydrating meat for jerky. Unit turns on automatically when thermostat is in use.

CLEAR door! *NEW* Made of Clear Polycarbonate Material

Features Excalibur’s patented Parallex™ Horizontal Air Flow and Hyperwave™ Fluctuation Technology the most efficient heat/dry combination on the market.

5-large trays 15" x 15" each. Mesh screens are BPA free.

5-inch fan
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