Purity White Foodsafe Mineral Oil 250ml

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Wooden cutting boards need to be kept clean and daily maintenance is often a good scrub with hot soapy water after using. Do not soak your boards or any other wooden utensils in water or they'll crack and warp! Some people use a very weak bleach solution or hydrogen peroxide to clean their boards after they've been used for cutting raw meat as a precaution against bacterial contamination.

Depending on how often you use your boards and wooden spoons you should also give them an oiling to help maintain their surface and keep them from drying out. In my house this happens about once a month but I know some people who do it once or twice a year and others on a weekly basis.

Start with a clean board and utensils. Be sure your cutting board and spoons are as clean as possible and thoroughly dry.
Apply the oil. Using a clean soft cloth or paper towel apply the oil in an even layer over the wood.
Let it soak in. Leave the oil to soak in overnight if possible or for at least a few hours.
Remove the excess. If the board or your spoons feel oily or sticky buff off any remaining oil with a clean dry cloth or paper towel.

This Ultra pure food grade white mineral oils are specially formulated for food processing and agricultural industries.
They are ideally suited for applications that require a straight non-toxic white mineral oil.

Use this oild to keep your chopping boards butchers blocks wooden spoons and wooden food prep surfaces looking brand new.
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