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Bezzera Duo DE Rotary Pump Electronic 3 Pid Double Boiler


In stock

TFE Barcode: T109547


Bezzera Duo DE is a contender for the favourite home espresso machine at TFE. Volumetric programming for consistent coffee shots. Rotary pump for quiet operation. Three PID controllers so the home barista can manage every aspect of brewing and milk steaming. Plumb this machine directly in to water mains and waste for hassle free operation, or take advantage of Bezzera always having the largest water tanks.

3.5 inch TFT touch screen can set every aspect of the machine, including a 7 day calendar which can automatically turn the Bezzera Duo on in the morning before you get up, and off again once you’ve left for work.

Gorgeous wood detailing standard on the steam tap, hot water tap and portafilter handle.


  • Huge 4L water tank (Can be plumbed in)
  • Service Boiler for steam and hot water: 1.05L
  • Coffee Boiler 0.45L
  • Rotary pump for quiet operation


  • Height 425 mm
  • Width 326 mm
  • Depth 470 mm
  • Weight 31 kg (35kg Packaged)

Total Food Equipment is proud to import Bezzera direct from the factory in Italy. Bezzera were the company that produced the first espresso machines in 1901 and we’ve watched them innovate ever since. We often see features in Bezzera Machines that creep in to other manufacturers designs. Flattery, huh.

We hold all parts in stock. Warranty repairs, when they do occur, are RTB.

Not sure what coffee machine you need? We love coffee and love talking about it. If you need something for home, the office or your busy cafe, get in touch with your local TFE.

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