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Eureka Oro Single Dose 65mm Black


In stock

TFE Barcode: T123562


From zero-retention grinding, silent operation, and single-dose hopper to the micro-metric adjustment of the burrs and high-speed maintenance, the Eureka Mignon Single Dose Coffee Grinder offers home baristas and specialty coffee lovers an efficient way to start their coffee ritual.

Efficient coffee preparations for one

Equipped with a single-dose hopper that can hold up to 45 grams of coffee, this grinder caters to the needs of home baristas who are brewing for themselves, exploring their beans at different grind settings, or for small-batch brewing. With its 65 mm Diamond Inside® burrs, you are guaranteed a high productivity rate at 2.3 – 2.8 grams per second for espresso and 2.8 – 3.3 grams per second for brewing.

The grinder also comes with the Mignon Blow Up system which makes cleaning in between grinds easy. Plus, there’s also the Eureka dosing cup that’s designed with a rim that fits or matches most portafilters so you can transfer the grinds without making a mess.

Silent grinding

Keep your mornings zen or the rest of your home undisturbed with the Eureka Mignon Single Dose Grinder’s silent grinding technology. This grinder produces noise at 60dB or less.

  • Zero retention grinding – An angled design ensures grounds exit straight to the dosing cup below at the exact measurement that you put it in.
  • 65 mm Diamond Inside burrs – The powerful machinery inside ensures professional levels of grinding at a speed that you’ll appreciate on busy days.
  • Single-dose hopper -Hopper capacity of 45 grams, this grinder is perfect for at-home brewing and coffee explorations.
  • Easy cleanup – No coffee dust left behind for your next brew, with the Mignon Blow Up system.
  • Silent technology – Eureka silent technology promises to keep your grinding noise levels at 60dB or less.
  • Sleek design – The combination of stainless steel and oak wood makes for one beautiful grinder that’s an eye-catcher wherever you place it.

The Specifics

  • Materials: Stainless steel, oak wood
  • Burr size: 65 mm Flat Burrs Diamond Inside (patented Eureka)
  • Grind Adjustment: Stepless
  • Productivity: (g/s) 2.3 – 2.8g Espresso | 2.8 – 3.3g Brew
  • Power: 320W, 1650 rpm
  • Motor Traction: Direct


  • (H) 321 mm x (W) 128 mm x (D) 260 mm


  • 11kg

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