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Instant Pot Infusion Brew Plus Coffee Pourover


Out of stock

TFE Barcode: T128440


Instant Infusion Brew Plus brings sleek design to your counter that looks as good as the coffee it brews: a premium glass carafe, chrome finishes, LED display with touchscreen controls and a reusable gold-toned filter. Set your timer tonight and wake up to the aroma of fresh, hot, perfect brew

  • Fast brewing: Brews 12 cups of your favorite ground coffee in under 10 minutes.
  • Best flavour: Showerhead dispenser with pre-infuse technology soaks coffee grounds evenly to extract deeper flavour.
  • Easy to fill: Removable 60-oz water reservoir makes refills easy and mess free
  • Adjustable Brew Strength: Choose from 2 different strengths for the perfect classic or bold brew.
  • Programmable Convenience: 24-hour timer lets you set your coffee at night for a hot cup ready in the morning.
  • Adjustable Warming: Warming plate keeps coffee hot for up to 4 hours with three temperature settings to choose from.
  • Filtered Water: Integrated carbon filter ensures superior taste every time
  • Small Batch Brew: Conveniently brew 1 to 4 cups for maximum flexibility, less waste and full flavour
  • Easy to Clean: Reusable gold-tone filter and removable glass reservoir make cleanup easy, plus reminders that let you know it’s time to clean.
  • SLEEKER DESIGN: Easy-to-use LED touchscreen, premium chrome finishes and sound alerts.
  • PAUSE TO SERVE: Grab a cup before brew ends

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