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Wiltshire Scone & Cookie Cutters Set 3


In stock

TFE Barcode: T128674


Our Scone Cutters 3pc Set are ideal for making scrumptious scones! Beautifully finished in stainless steel, you will want to keep these cutters on show with your scones, jam and cream at your next high tea.

Perfection rules all round, they come in 3 sizes so you can adjust what you are baking, they are easy to clean so there is no mess or fuss and they nest for easy storage. Say hello to less clutter. Now, time to get back to the important stuff, like making a beautiful message on your cookie, or eating one!

For best results, remember not to overwork the dough, a light touch will mean a tastier scone. Push down (don’t twist) on the dough with your cutter for nice straight-sided scones.

  • Stainless steel
  • Crimped edge
  • Nested for easy storage
  • Suitable for scones, cookies, biscuits & pastries

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