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Woodson Countertop Hot Food Display – Straight


Available on back-order


The Woodson Straight Glass Hot Food Display is constructed from satin finished double skin stainless steel. Featuring an air insulated tank, overhead heat lamps and fully sealed toughened glass, this unit couples even heat distribution with safety of use and high levels of hygiene.

2 Bay W.HFS22

  • HxWxD 725mm x 705mm x 600mm
  • 10A Plug and lead fitted 1.5kW

3 Bay W.HFS23

  • HxWxD 725mm x 1030mm x 600mm
  • 10A Plug and lead fitted 2.4kW

4 Bay W.HFS24

  • HxWxD 725mm x 1355mm x 600mm
  • 15A Plug and lead fitted 3.0kW

5 Bay W.HFS25

  • HxWxD 725mm x 1168mm x 600mm
  • 15A Plug and lead fitted 3.3kW

6 Bay W.HFS26

  • HxWxD 725mm x 2005mm x 600mm
  • 15A Plug and lead fitted 3.6kW

In-tank temperature controls enable accurate temperature measurements while providing lower running costs, making this unit highly energy efficient.

NOTE: Not recommended for the display of chickens – please refer to W.HFH models.

  • Straight glass profile, available in a range of sizes from 2-6 bays
  • Designed and recommended for wet operation
  • Toughened straight glass and rear sliding doors
  • Temperature regulation via thermostat and in-tank temperature probe, designed to hold product between 70-80C
  • Air insulated, double skinned tank for energy efficient heating
  • Multiple elements for even heat distribution and ongoing operation
  • Infra-red heat lamps
  • 1/1GN sized well, fits pans up to 100mm deep (sold separately)
  • Additional accessories sold separately

Ships from supplier. 1 Year onsite warranty.


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